In Defence of November Weddings

Wedding season in Canada typically lasts from about April to October. At least that is what wedding professionals tend to categorize as wedding season. The months of the year when there is least likely to be snow and most likely to have nice weather where you can enjoy the sun and have bright poppy wedding colours. Most people choose to get married during these months. Of course, there are always outliers. People who love winter and choose to get married between December and February. The Christmas and Valentine's weddings. The two least popular months for weddings? Well, that would be March and November. What month do I decide to get married? November. So here I am today standing in defence of November weddings and telling you some of the reasons why November rocks for weddings. 

Like any other month you may choose to get married there are things that need to be considered when planning a November wedding. Most people avoid this month because they imagine it being cold and grey and potentially wet. I mean it can rain in November just as easily as it can in August. I chose November very purposefully. Both because summer is a very inconvenient time for me to take time off working in the wedding industry and also because I see enormous potential in November weddings. There are countless benefits to having a November wedding and when planned correctly they can be gorgeous!

1. First of all, a November wedding could very likely save you a lot of money. Because November is not during wedding season, venues along with other wedding vendors, very often offer discounts. For example our wedding venue is 15$ cheaper per person because we are getting married on a Friday and in November. That adds up to significant savings. Also, many venues will allow you to have fewer guests in the off season which is convenient for many people who do not anticipate having a large wedding.

2. Your dream vendors are more likely to be available. Very popular and successful wedding vendors get booked up all through the year but they are less likely to book outside of wedding season. So far all of the vendors I've contacted have been available for the date we chose. 

3. November can offer a very unique and inspiring visual aesthetic. As a photographer these are the kinds of things I think about. I love deep, rich and moody images. To me they represent a very unique dynamic and speak to my artist soul. November is an untapped resource in the image department. For me the imagery of the wedding is very important and consistency is key when planning a November wedding. For example choosing to get married at a venue famous for its beautiful gardens may not be the best idea. Think about what November really looks like and design your wedding around that. 

4. Your wedding can end up being very unique. Not very many people choose to get married in November. This is a great opportunity to think outside of the box. Order the kinds of flowers you don't often see at weddings, choose a unique colour palette. Think about what a November wedding can be instead of what it can't be. 

There are important things to consider though for November. November where I am, is often cold. An outdoor wedding really isn't in the cards. So research as many venues as possible to make sure you find one that has gorgeous indoor ceremony and reception locations. 

You should also consider which flowers are going to be in season in November and which ones aren't. You can certainly order out of season flowers for a premium price but more often than not they will stand out like a sore thumb. Sorry, but peonies are probably just not going to work. 

Think about all of the fun things that lend themselves to cold weather and build them into your wedding. Hot chocolate bar, cozy cardigans, hot apple cider!

Here is the most important advice though for any late Fall or Winter wedding. Your timeline needs to be very carefully constructed! It gets dark very early here. Any photos you want done outside are going to need to be done early! Doing as many pictures before the ceremony as possible will relieve a lot of stress and make sure you have those memories. Or if you are not interested in seeing your love before the ceremony, consider a day wedding so that the daylight doesn't elude you. It is important to communicate with your photographer to build the perfect wedding day timeline.

I am so excited to plan my November wedding! If any of you had a November or heck even a snowy winter wedding I want to hear all about it. How did you work with the cold? What fun details did you incorporate?

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