Bethany and Alex: Heintzman House Wedding

Oh how I loved this wedding! It was so much fun and just pumped full of personality. If you knew the bride and groom you would know that the whole day was just so entirely them! Bethany and Alex met many years ago when they were just kids. I know because that is when I met them too. Bethany moved to Canada from Niger, Africa when she was eight years old and that was the year I met her. We got into all kinds of mischief together. Writing out secret codes, climbing garages and trees and monkey bars (with me getting stuck). She was always an endless adventure. Alex I have known since the early days of Sunday School and a more kind and thoughtful person you will never meet. 

I can honestly say I never even saw their relationship coming, but looking back I can not fathom why. They are the most perfect couple in the world. Their kindness and intelligence complement each other and I could not be more grateful to have been able to help capture their day with Fraser

These two planned their wedding around what they loved as a couple, games! There were different board games at every table with bite sized candy and popcorn everywhere. Bright colours were the focus with splashes of blue and orange. Everything was so relaxed and lovely. Not a single stressful moment and the bride rocked her leg cast like nobody's business. 

The guests were able to sit back and relax and play games together. Laughter rang out as people strategized at clue, crushed each other in Sorry and bested each other in Scrabble. There was even a fun trivia game, testing how much the guests knew about Bethany and Alex. Including such gems as "what household appliance did Bethany get stuck in as a child?" It was the washing machine, and "what word did Alex use to describe Bethany in his third grade journal?" Well of course the answer was 'weird'! In order to get the bride and groom to kiss you had to test your poetry skills! 

It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to be able to watch them commit themselves to each other and am so excited for them and their new lives together as Bethany goes off to medical school. Congratulations you two and I wish you many years of love and happiness! 

Toronto Wedding Photographer