Things to keep in mind when picking a wedding venue

No matter what kind of wedding you decide to have, you will always need somewhere to have it. The venue. Most often step one in the planning process. The one step that is necessary to take before you can really get into the nitty gritty. It is nearly impossible to book other vendors until you have the venue locked down because the date will always be fluid until you do. Not to mention, most other vendors will want to know where you are marrying because it determines the entire vibe of your wedding and all the details along with it.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a venue and a lot of questions necessary to ask. It is often the biggest investment involved in the whole wedding. It also changes the entire vibe of your wedding depending on what kind of venue you choose. So to help you out I've asked some of the best venues in the area to give you their advice on things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Each of these quotes are from some of the best venues in the area and represent a wide range. Everything from mansions to historical sites to barns and wineries. Click through to each venue and explore if any of them might work for you in creating the wedding of your dreams. 

Heintzman House Find out about all the "hidden' or 'unlisted' extra fees (cake cutting fee, plug in fee (for DJ), Landmark fee, SOCAN fee, corkage fee, and so many more) Some halls have TONS and tons of extra fees that are not initially listed and if you've already fallen in love with the venue it's a hard pill to swallow to find out how high your costs have become. Heintzman House has NO hidden or 'extra fees.

Most couples book one to two years in advance - you need to know that your venue contact person is going to be there for you during this time - if they don't initially answer your calls or emails quickly,  don't expect to get any better treatment along the road - it's important to have a contact that you get along with and is responsive to your needs. - Christine Beck, Event Coordinator at Heintzman House

Kortright Centre Searching for a venue to hold your special day is a very exciting part of the wedding planning process. When exploring different venues, it is wise to prepare an approximate guest list to ensure the venues of interest can accommodate your group. - Lindsey Stradwick, Event Supervisor for Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority 

Casa Loma Seek out a venue that will function as a one-stop-shop for you. At Casa Loma, we provide our clients with everything you need to execute your special day from your wedding coordinator right to the silverware. Organizing a wedding ceremony and reception can be one of the most stressful times in our clients lives and we ensure that from the moment you walk in the door for the first time, you feel you are going to be well looked after. At Casa Loma, all of our event coordinators come highly experienced with a personal approach and take great care in providing each and every client the customized attention they require. We offer our clients access to complimentary furniture, linens and napkins, custom designed floor plans, in house floral design, as well as our top of the line sound system, lighting and all audio visual equipment. By providing a bride and groom with everything they need on their wedding day, our clients know that we will take the greatest of care in providing the best service, attention and culinary experience that Casa Loma has to offer.

By providing you with everything you need on your wedding day, there is much less stress as there would be having to coordinate many different services.   - Stacey Hawkins, Marketing Manager at Casa Loma 

Oakview Terrace Reception Centre Make sure that the venue reflects your personality and overall vision for the wedding day. Is the venue available for one wedding per day and if so is there a minimum number of guests required?  Also don’t neglect your overall first impressions. - Mary Lynn, Oakview Terrace

Willowsprings Winery Think about the style that you want for your wedding. Do you want a classic event or a more down home rustic feel? Then take that vision and apply it to find the venue you want. Willowsprings is perfect for your country wedding but still keeping you close to the city. A very Niagara-esque feel filled with rustic charm, we pride ourselves on working towards a locally supported community. We source out local wine and produce for your wedding.  

It is equally important to be completely comfortable with the wedding coordinator. Willowsprings provides a completely personalized service and the coordinator is there to help you through every step. - Jenna Potash, Willowsprings Coordinator 

Belcroft Estates & Event Centre Make your wedding day a true reflection of you as a couple. Far too many couples focus on what a wedding should look like, and not what their wedding could look like. Don’t be afraid to break the mold! - Christina Spring, Certified Wedding Planner 

Cambium Farms Brides should find a venue that offers most of the services they need in-house and a venue that offers in-house event coordination.  The venue should also clearly layout in your package all that's included (with no hidden fees) so that you can easily see whether or not the venue is within your budget and not find out after you've put down a deposit. We find that having catering, AV, rentals etc all on site really takes the stress off clients.  We've been in situations where we've had a bride come to us because their venue cancelled and we luckily had an opening.  They called us two weeks before their day and we were able to pull it all off without a hitch! - Colin Williams, President of Cambium Farms

Madsens Gardens Banquet Hall Always trust you first impression. Did you like it as soon as you saw it, or did you notice issues? If you notice issues right away then there will always be issues with it. Trust your gut.  - Ole Madsen, Owner at Madsens Gardens 

*This post has not been sponsored by any of the above venues. 

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