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You know how when you get engaged everybody showers you with love and at the same time advice. Everybody wants to equip you with the knowledge they have gained from their relationships. You nod and smile but still basking in the glow of the recently engaged it can be easy to accept the advice but then brush it off. I mean, its not like you have time to write all the advice down. Thats where I come in. 

Beyond just loving weddings a whole lot, I really care about the couples I photograph and want to see their marriages succeed. I want to see all that love from your wedding day spill over into all aspects of your lives together. All photographers do. We are so intimately involved in your wedding day and we get the privilege of gaining life long friends by what we do. That's why so many photographers jumped at the chance to give marriage and relationship tips. So what better way to celebrate marriage and relationships than by examining the lessons to be learned from married photographers from all over? We get to see a lot of weddings and a lot of love. We get to see couples on the happiest day of their relationship so far, but it's the marriages that really count.  

"Make date night a priority no matter how busy you get!" Amy Demos of AmyandJordan Photography - married 5 years. 

"Aim to be selfless" Joanna Labuff of Every Season Photography - married 9 years.

"People change. It's a part of being human. Every day the person you are with, and you, change. You should expect it, embrace it and talk about it. Don't let "they've changed" be the reason your relationship goes sour." Kat Patterson of One Love Photography - married 6 years

"Love is sometimes a choice, not a feeling. Choose to love them even when they are not acting loveable." Meghan Floquet Doak of MeghanElise Photography - married 4 years 

"It's okay to let them win a fight... even when they are wrong. Life is too short to be mad at your spouse." Stephanie Kingston of Kingston Photography - married 18 years. 

"Be selfless, not selfish. Focus on being the best you can and they will do the same." Sarah Foss of Sarah Foss Photography - married 2 years. 

"Accept them 110% for who they are, have fun and do for each other every single day. Especially when you don't feel like it." Angela Silva-Chenoweth of Angela Chenoweth Photography - married 14 years. 

"When you are fighting, let them finish speaking. It really does make a difference during an argument to feel like you are being listened to." Jessica Paredes Porter of Porter Photography and Productions - married 2 years.

"Don't ever let your spouse think you forgot about them. Whether it's a trip to the store or making their favourite meal or fixing the sheet on their side of the bed."  Rachel Brock of Rachel Brock Photography - married 6 years.

"Communication is the key to marriage but the hardest of them all. Never wake up still angry. Always take care of things before you go to bed at night." Betty Faulk of B. Faulk Photography - married 28 years. 

"Talk it out. All of it. Even the stuff that really sucks to talk about. Give your spouse a safe place to come and talk about that sucky stuff. Realize you aren't perfect, you aren't always right, and they are worth apologizing to when you've screwed up." Jackie Spivey of Jackie Spivey Photography - married 1 year. 

"Marriage is like an ocean. You and your spouse are in separate boats. To make it work you have to always paddle in the same direction and if there are problems, always paddle towards each other." Valerie Caldwell of Rochambeau Photography - married 10 years. 

"Enjoy common interests and respect individual interests." Paula Sword of PhotoHeart Photography - married 19 years. 

"Many little fights that get resolved are better than huge tornado storm fights that cause divorce. Tell each other what's bothering you rather than letting problems grow and get more dangerous." Dani Abarca of Dear Dani Photography - married 3 years.  

"Never keep score! But if you must keep score, be determined to always do more for them than they do for you and be glad about it." Annie Richardson of Annie Richardson Photography - married 4 years. 

"Keep God as the centre of your life. Stay out of debt. Eat ice cream." Frank Donnino of Frank Donnino Photography - married 36 years 

"Eliminate divorce as an option. In this time, people are so ready to believe that the vows they took are just for the easy times and not life's tough days. Don't take the easy way out. Stay and deal with your problems." Sharita Vonsik of Sharita Vonsik Photography - married 1 year. 

"Make having fun together a priority - take time to nourish your bond, even when life gets hectic." Rachel Osborn of Rachel Osborn Photography - married 5 years. 

" Marriage isn't 50/50. You both need to give 100%." Katy Murray of Katy Murray Photography - married 1 year. 

"Tell each other 'I love you' at least once a day... even if you're mad." Jennifer Lewis of Jennifer MarDean Photography - married 3 years.  

"Don't try to change each other. It can't be done. Willingness to change comes from within and can't be forced. You must be able to totally accept the other person for who they are - not for who you think they should be or want them to become." Kathy Sherbert of KRS Images - married 13 years. 

"Never forget that the person you married is someone you deeply admire, and that it is truly an honour to know someone inside and out, strengths and weaknesses." Aana Chase of John Reilly Photography - married 10 months. 

"Remember to still do the things you did before you were married that made you happy. If you ran, played video games or read books, make sure you still do that. You don't have to do everything together (even if you may want to)." Erin Schmidt of E.Schmidt Photography - married 4 years. 

"Always forgive, you're not perfect either." David Bean of David Bean Photography - married 21 years. 

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