Tanya and Carson: Nobleton Lakes Wedding

How fun was this wedding? I got to say the happiness radiating from this couple was so contagious. It sure was fun catching their cute little moments together throughout the day. The hand holding, the quick pecks, the glances. I love people in love! They had so many intimate and personal details that showcased who they are as a couple. The day started off at a beautiful Catholic Parish in Etobicoke. After the ceremony, the groom and his best man had arranged for an ice cream truck to be parked outside serving ice cream to their guests. That's right, an ice cream truck! I'm sure everyone appreciated such a fun treat on a hot day. 

The reception was held at the Nobleton Lakes Golf Club in Nobleton. Such a perfect place for their reception. The even incorporated the golf theme into their kissing game. They had a mini golf mat out and people had to putt in order to get the couple to kiss! Such a great idea. They had family from all over the place come to celebrate their day with them. From all over Canada and even Germany. I know I wouldn't have wanted to miss such a fun day. 

I assisted 3Photography in photographing this wedding and all of the images posted here were taken and edited by me. 

Nothing like a groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time. 

Some of the best jumpers I've ever seen for sure. 

I love when the bridesmaids end up holding hands with the bride! So sweet. 

I mean, c'mon!

They played this fun hot potato-like game with a toonie. The person stuck with the coin when the song ended got to keep the toonie much to their surprise. 

And they danced!

It was a gorgeous evening for beer and cigars on the balcony. 

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