Trudy and Greco: Crystal Fountain Wedding

In early June I had the great pleasure of photographing a wedding with 3photography. It was a complete blast and a wonderfully beautiful and well thought out wedding. I'm not sure that any words will describe it. 

The day started off with a beautiful ceremony at Blessed Trinity Parish in Toronto and then moved to an elegant reception at The Crystal Fountain. I don't know if any of you have been to this place but it has the most beautiful indoor fountain! The ambiance of excitement and the encouragement of the family was evident. They started off the reception with a lovely tea ceremony. The bride changed into a stunning red dress to mark the occasion. Watching the bride and groom exchange tea with their loved ones was impossibly beautiful! My absolute favourite part of the night came next. The bride and groom entered the banquet hall in front of their guests dancing their hearts out to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.  I think my mouth dropped open but I can't be sure as I was too enthralled. They were so good! I love when couples can be silly like that on their wedding day. It sets up the vibe for the whole night! Speaking of the couple, they have the best meet-cute story in the world. One day Trudy decided that it would be fun to take a martial arts class of stick fighting. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Who just so happened to be a teacher at this class? Greco! What better way to start a relationship than by hitting each other with sticks! I just love those unique meet-cute stories. 

The meal at the wedding consisted of everything from lobster to chicken to noodles. So much thought and attention went into the details. Bright, beautiful yellow flowers dominated the space and made everything feel more happy that it already was. The giant and gorgeous cake was a hit and it was made by the bride herself. So much talent! At the end of the night the couple participated in a filipino tradition called A Money Dance. Basically the bride and groom begin to dance together and if anyone wants to cut in they have to pin money to the person they want to dance with. It was so fun! The bride and groom ended the evening by going around and toasting at each table. What a great way to see all of your guests and celebrate together. Check out the perfection that was this wedding.

*All the photos posted here were taken and edited by Arynn Photography.

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. - Robert A. Heinlein

Look at that sweet smile, my heart melts. 

Seriously, check out that cake! I have no words to describe it


Can these guests dance or what? Truth be told though, I think the kiddos stole the show. 

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