Wedding Registry Ideas

Yay you're engaged. You are drowning in excitement. You've got your wedding planning binder all set to go. You've picked the date, the venue etc and how it's time for the fun part. Registering. There are countless articles about how to register and tips for registering. But it's so important to register for gifts that you and your fiancé will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. Can you see yourself ever breaking out that fancy china? If not then don't register for it. So what kind of gifts can you consider for your registry beyond the quintessential Kitchen-aid Mixer and set of knives? Well, that entirely depends on what you love. I thought I would outline a few fun gifts to put on your registry. Despite how fun it can be, its easy to run a blank when the time finally comes. 

For the organic chick

How cute is this bag? Use it to carry books, groceries, your workout gear, whatever your heart desires. Plus it is not too girly for your partner to enjoy as well. Made of hemp, this eco friendly bag is something You can both get a lot of use out. A great and versatile addition to your registry. 

For the outdoorsy type 

Do you and your love enjoy camping? Don't be afraid to throw camping gear on your registry list. Your guests will love to get you a gift you are going to enjoy and get a lot of use out of instead of something traditional that you may not enjoy.  Plus sleeping bags are one of those things that aren't particularly fun to buy yourself. 

For the on-the-go couple

These awesome glasses from Williams-Sanoma are perfect for on the go smoothies. Use them as regular kitchen glasses then pop the lid on to take them with you. You can also use them to store leftovers in the fridge. They also stack on top of each other so they are a space saver too! Plus this picture makes me want a smoothie! I want whatever is in the bottom left one. 

For the green thumb

I envy all you green thumbs out there. I don't have much experience but I don't think I'd make a good gardener. Plants of the world deserve better! But I have got to say this Ikea planter is starting to change my mind. It's great to pad your registry with smaller, less expensive gifts to go along with the big ticket items and this planter is not only inexpensive but adorable too. Doesn't get much better than that. 

For your inner hostess

If you had asked me 5 months ago what a carafe was I might have guessed something along the lines of half car half giraffe and then imagined how functional and cute such a hybrid would be (probably great on gas too). Alas though no such creature exists. Instead we have this delightful glass piece. A carafe is great decoration for your dinner parties and can be used to hold drinks or as a vase in a pinch. I just adore the colour and design of this specific one from Indigo. It would really class up your events. 

For the baking fiend

Baking cookies is not just for Christmas time and woodland critters are a year round joy. This little cookie cutter set seamlessly combines both. Hopefully that sentence didn't come across too creepy. I just fell in love with this little set the moment I saw it. It comes with an owl, bird, fox, penguin, rabbit, deer and bear. I don't know if I'd ever be able to eat them. No, no I could. 

For the coffee lover

The Keurig, honestly this one may be cliche by now too but I just couldn't leave it out. I am super late to the party but I recently tried the Keurig for myself and where has this been all my life? Super convenient and almost a must in this day and age. Save yourself SO much money by not stopping off at Starbucks for a daily latte. You can even take the bottom tray out to fit your travel mug in so that you can drown your insides in enough coffee to keep a bear awake through the winter. 

Obviously there is an unlimited number of things that you could put on your registry and all of it depends on you and your partner. Maybe you don't need any of this stuff and just want gifts towards your honeymoon or a new home and that works too! 

Are you working on your registry? Is there something you put on your registry that you wish you hadn't or something you forgot that you should have put on there? Let me know in the comments and subscribe to future blog posts HERE

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