2014 Year in Review


Well 2014 is winding to a close. I mean what? How crazy is that? It feels like just yesterday that we were all freaking out about 2012. That was a thing right? 2014 was a really crazy year for me! Just this wedding season alone I attended and photographed 20 weddings. 20 weddings where I witnessed 20 couples say their I do's. 20 couples who planned amazing weddings. I travelled all over the place and spent more time in my car than I think I ever have. I got very well acquainted with the Google Maps voice. We may be best friends now.  I was able to visit some of the most stunning venues Ontario has to offer. Outdoor weddings, indoor weddings, big, small, rustic, charming, classic, elegant. I saw it all. I worked with some wonderful and talented photographers. 3Photography, Oak and Myrrh Photography, Jenn Kavanagh Photography, Lisa Durand and Ken Jarvis Photography. I was so fortunate to work with each one of them and learn from their particular styles. Each one uniquely different. I saw and was surrounded by so much beauty and creativity and immersed myself even further into the crazy world of the wedding industry. I met so many new friends along the way and am thankful for each one. 

Honestly, out of all the things I would say is my favourite about what I do, the creativity of couples as they plan their wedding days really blows me away. Every one has a unique vision and I'm so lucky and honoured that I get to be there to witness the outcome of months if not years of planning and dedication. 

I was so honoured and fortunate this year to be featured in two amazing publications Bespoke Bride and A Touch of Modern for this amazing and fun styled shoot. I was able to work with some very talented vendors to make a vision come to life. That was definitely a highlight. 

I met many Toronto wedding vendors and explored some amazing venues and gorgeous locales. I learned so much this year, so much about myself, so much about what I am capable of and so much about what I want out of life and where I see myself going. 

I got to start off 2014 with two of my favourite people in the world at the Happiest Place in the world. DISNEY WORLD! So the beginning of 2014 rocked! 


I celebrated seven years with this guy, and got to end 2014 by getting ENGAGED! So that was crazy too. 

I certainly would never be able to caption in one blog post a year in my life and everything that happened. But that is the great thing about life. You look back and you see the highlights. The moments that made you happy and the moments that change who you are. I am so excited to see what 2015 brings for me and those around me. 

For 2015 I am excited to photograph many more weddings and get to spend the best day of their live's with many more crazy in love couples. 

I am excited to grow my business even more and become even more involved in the wedding industry and everything it has to offer. 

Well of course I am excited to get MARRIED and start a brand new adventure with my very best friend. 

Goals for 2015

My goal for 2015 is to create a business where I can continue to serve my clients and everyone I work with with grace and humility. 

I would love to see more of my work published. Style Me Pretty, I am looking at you! 

I want to go somewhere I have never been and do something I have never done. (Maybe getting married will qualify for that.)

But beyond all of those things I want 2015 to be a year of purposeful growth. The word I want to use to define 2015 would be growth. 2015 will be life changing and life fulfilling. I know that next year so many things in my life will be different but on December 24th of 2015 I want to look back and say that everything I did was worth it. 

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