Arynn Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer servicing The Greater Toronto Area, into Durham Region and Internationally

Arynn Photography is a Toronto and Durham Region Wedding Photographer. Offering lighthearted fresh and fun imagery of your wedding day.

Fresh, Fun and Light-hearted wedding photography for the out of the box couple!

I am inspired by all you weirdos out there. The quirky ones who march to the beat of their own drum. Who will make their wedding their way. Filled with all of those personal details that make you who you are! I will pour everything into your wedding so that you know you have a friend there on the day with you. One who will see your unique vision and help bring it to life! Read more about my philosophy! 

I take a limited number of weddings each year so I can focus on every detail of your photography experience. Contact me as soon as possible to book a consultation. I can't wait to meet you and hear your love story! CONTACT ME to get in touch. 



I love 'Doctor Who' more than should be allowed. 

I will drink frozen lemonade in well below freezing temperatures!

I ugly cry during pretty much every movie I see. 

If it was fully acceptable, I would never change out of my pyjamas


Do you eat cereal out of the box because you're too lazy to get out a bowl? Do you fall asleep fully clothed with the lights on? Does your perfect day include a Netflix binge? Do you massively geek out over movie releases of your favourite books? If so, lets chat because I think we'd be great friends.   


The average couple invests $3750 into their wedding memories. I want to hear all about your plans for your wedding and what your photography needs are. I don't want to miss a moment of your special day. Every wedding is as different as the couple behind it. I cater to your unique personal quirks and your wedding shouldn't have to fit into a box any more than you should. I provide comprehensive wedding coverage, wedding albums, keepsakes, additional photographers etc. You will also, no matter what, receive an online gallery of your digital hi-resolution images available online for you to easily share.




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— feeling or expressing great happiness

Jubilant is how you should feel on your wedding day! Contact me to set up a consultation in my home studio and we'll talk endlessly about your vision for your images. I honestly can't wait to hear from you, learn all about you and how I can cater to you and create the wedding of your dreams. 

Arynn Photography is a Toronto and Durham Region Wedding Photographer. Offering lighthearted fresh and fun imagery of your wedding day.

Let me know a few details about yourself and your wedding such as the date, the location and any fun details.

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