Amanda and Jonathan: The Royal Ambassador Wedding

Another August wedding with 3Photography and another gorgeous breathtakingly in love couple. That's the thing I really love about weddings. Two people declaring to the world that they choose each other for better or for worse. In a world of 7 billion people they have their eyes firmly placed on each other. There is something so magical about that. 

This is one of those couples. In love and together for 10 years and making it official. Screaming it from the roof tops. The wedding took place at the beautiful Royal Ambassador in Caledon. This is a seriously gorgeous venue! They were surrounded all day by friends and family talking all the time about what a perfect couple they were. 

They filled the tent with adorable pink and white lanterns that hung from the ceiling. I swooned over the tiny little wooden figures on the wedding cake. The day was so magical. Click HERE to check out 3Photography's images from the day. 

All of the images and edits are my own from the day. 

Look at those faces. So peaceful and content. 


Are these flowers gorgeous or what? I love that punchy pop of red. 

This was a seriously cool group of groomsmen and one suave ring bearer. 

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