Laura and Dennis: Angus Glen Wedding

A colour explosion. That is how I would describe this wedding. Bright and fun and full of love and tears (the good kind). The wedding took place at Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham on a lovely Sunday in August. I photographed this wedding with 3Photography but all edits and images are my own. 

The day started off with an adorable first look. I love when couples do first looks. It is such a sweet and intimate moment that you just don't have time for the rest of the day. It really is the last time the bride and groom are alone for the whole day. Between that the ceremony was the traditional tea ceremony. These are always so sweet as the family gets that time together. The ceremony was very touching. Both of them describing the other as their best friend and their rock through everything. Although as it was told, Dennis may not have made the best first impression by refusing to share his food. 

The reception was just an extension of both of their colourful personalities. Gorgeous pink and purple flowers in blue jars dotted the tables and an assortment of favours adorned the plates. Favours like home made jam, cookies and other treats. Every detail was so creative. From the kissing game where the guests had to complete series of challenges to the hilarious entry dance the whole bridal party practiced tirelessly for. They had, instead of a guest book, a blank canvas that everyone took turns painting and little pins you could take to proclaim yourself team bride or team groom. 

Such a fun and colourful wedding filled with so much love. Congrats Laura and Dennis! 


First looks are just the sweetest! 

Dennis and the colourful ladies. 

During this game Dennis had to guess which one was his lovely bride by touching only the girl's arms. Don't worry he got it right. 

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