Ely and Mira | Camp George Wedding

*Sigh* Precious, precious, precious! I loved every last minute of this adorable camp wedding. First on the adorable bracket, the wedding took place at the camp that the bride and groom met and grew up at together. So sweet right? There were so many sentimental details scattered throughout the day. Not even a bit of rain could dampen the festivities. They just broke out the rainbow umbrella!

Everything was so bright and colourful and their personalities oozed out of every detail. It was such an honour to photograph this wedding with Oak and Myrrh Photography

The groom is a producer, so etched on his ring is the voice pattern of his new wife reciting their Ketubah contract. So sweet! plus his brother got him two new knives and a bottle of whisky. Best brother in the world award. 

There is something about being by the water that makes the world feel calm. 

How unbelievably awesome is the bride's bouquet? It was crafted by the bride's friend and is made of little paper pinwheels

The chuppah was hand-made by the groom's mother. It was meticulously made and took several months. Also how cute are the bride and groom's brothers walking down the aisle together? 

A few of their guests were deaf, so they provided an amazing sign language interpreter for every moment of the wedding!

I just adore this Jewish tradition of being surrounded by your close family during the ceremony. You can really feel the support of family all wrapped up around you.  

They provided a camp survival kit for their guests. It included things like water bottles and ponchos for the rain. 

The groom and his brother made their own craft beer for the wedding. Certified original. 

There really is nothing quite like a Jewish Horah dance. 

Congratulations Ely and Mira. It was a truly heartfelt and sentimental day.