Gibraltar Point

Stephanie and Illya | Toronto Islands Wedding

This wedding. Oh this wedding. I almost don't want to write anything and just let the images speak for themselves. I'm not sure any description I can provide will do it justice but I'll try. I had the great honour of helping Jenn Kavanagh photograph Stephanie and Illya's wedding in mid August at Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands at ArtScape. I've never seen a venue quite like it. The whole wedding was a giant Pinterest explosion in the best possible way. The day started off with the bride and groom being surrounded by friends at their quirky apartment in Toronto. I'll say this honestly. If I could steal their apartment out from under them I would... only half kidding. It was honestly that awesome. After that we were off to the harbour front to catch a private ferry to the islands. I just love ferries. The smell, the sound of the water and the breathtaking views of the city. What a serene way to start off the festivities. 

There are very few venues as quaint and adorable as Artscape at Gibraltar Point. A serious creative heaven! Boy was this bride creative! First lets honestly talk about her gorgeous dress and beyond perfect floral crown. Straight out of a wedding magazine! But the personal and unique touches were what really showcased who they are as a couple. Wild flower-esque bouquets lined the two parallel tables. Personal touches like a caricature of their cat Sammy sat at the bar. Cute hand-made programs and confetti were created for the ceremony and of course little bags of popcorn for the guests to enjoy and take home. But like all other weddings the love and support for each other and from their families out shone everything else. So, without further ado, meet Stephanie and Illya. 

As with all weddings posted on this blog, the images and edits are my own. 

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Instead of a guest book or the classic framed portrait, the couple had their guests sign a print of a 1903 map of Toronto. So unique and what an interesting piece to hang in your home!