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I've been married for one year. How weird is that? I can hardly believe how fast the past year went by. I was looking through my photos and reminiscing on the wedding day and thinking about what it was like to plan a wedding. So today I'm here to mention just a few things that I took with me after the experience. 

The number one thing that I remember thinking about after the wedding was over was how fast it had all gone by. We were engaged for just under 14 months and it flew by. Since I was so excited about the actual wedding I didn't appreciate the engagement period as much as I could have. So don't wish away those months. They can be incredibly fun! All the anticipation is something to cherish. 

Don't stress too much. Despite all the planning involved your wedding day should be fun. Above all else you should remember it being just an insane amount of can hardly handle it fun. So don't worry too much about things going exactly right. Roll with the punches and let those little quirks infuse your wedding with the personality that will keep it memorable. On your one year anniversary you will sit around with your partner eating Chinese food and laughing about all of those details. 

Let your personalities shine on your wedding day. One thing I learned from planning a wedding is that your wedding is yours. You and your partners. Do you want to have flowers cover every corner of the room? Go for it. Do you not want any flowers at all? Don't have them. Do you want to wear a bright green dress and your groom wants to wear rainbow robes? ROCK THAT S**T! People love to see who you two are shine through every part of your wedding. 

Above all else though you should take a moment during the reception to just look out at your guests and take a deep breath. It all goes so fast. The planning goes by fast, the wedding day goes by fast, the first year goes by fast. Take a mental picture of every one of your loved ones so that you can live in that moment forever. It'll never leave you. 

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