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Sunset Pickering Park Family Session

Will you just look at this sweet family? They were so fun to photograph. Together we wandered around Alex Robertson Park in Pickering. Little Melanie was a little bundle of energy. And hilarious to boot. She chased the bubbles with reckless abandon and was fascinated by the bullrush fluffs. Plus check out her grumpy little face. 

I love photographing families because it freezes a moment in time that you can keep forever. Littles won't stay little forever but the images of her laughter and their love will. That is a beautiful thing. 

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Baby Oakland

Oh be still my heart! There is just something so mesmerizing about watching a new family. Capturing newborns in a relaxed and stress free way allows for just the cutest little expressions! Little Oakland was wide awake during our entire session. I mean completely awake, not even a yawn. Although he did seem perplexed by the entire situation his baby blues could melt everyone's heart. Not once did he cry. 

I was able to hang out with Amanda, Ben and Oakland in their adorable home observing and capturing them together as a new family of three.