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How many photos can we expect?

I don’t give an exact number of photos to expect because each wedding is very different. It changes depending on a variety of factors such as how long the day is, how many things are happening, the size of the wedding, the size of the bridal party etc. You will receive the best photos from your day that tell the story. It usually averages out to at least 50 images per hour.

What is your shooting and editing style?

I truly believe that your wedding is a story and it is my job and honour to tell that story. I shoot with a documentary approach in mind. I love to capture real and organic moments as they happen. I will of course pose you a little to create flattering and beautiful images for you but I love to get you interacting and to see those genuine smiles and laughter.

My editing style is very clean and bright with a dash of whimsy. I edit very true to life with a fun yet timeless feel. I will edit out any blemishes but I do not do extensive body edits. I want you to see you in your photos because you are perfect the way you are!

Can I create a shot list for you?

I love to learn from you what is important to you on your wedding day. A shot list can be helpful in some regards. I need to know things I wouldn’t otherwise know. Who are the important people I should focus on? Are there any heirlooms you’d like photographed? What is not necessarily helpful is a detailed shot list of dozens of photographs you’ve seen on Pinterest. This is not a benefit to you as it diminishes the possibility of having creative and unique photos of your wedding day. I’ll happily check out your Pinterest board to get an idea of your style but instead of copying photos lets create new ones together!

How long will it take to receive my photos?

After your engagement session, you will receive your online gallery within 2 weeks. Your wedding gallery will be available within 6-8 weeks.

What is the point of heirloom products?

I could write a novel about this but I’ll try and narrow it down. Digital images are great because you are able to share them easily with friends and family and post them all over social media. But the bitter truth is that digital images are not forever! Technology changes rapidly as we all know. Files corrupt and data changes. The best way to ensure you have those images to pass on to future generations is to print them!

You and your family are easily able to order products directly through your online gallery. This way you know you are getting quality. Ask me more about additional products such as albums and keepsake boxes. You can read more about them HERE.

Abso-fricken-lutely! It is there to protect me and you. I will never be without it. If your venue requires proof of insurance just ask and I will get it for them.

Do you have insurance?

What is the payment schedule like?

If you would like to reserve your date I will send you an invoice for a retainer fee of 30% of the total amount. The remainder will be due 30 days before the wedding. This way you do not have to worry about it and I do not have to bother you on your wedding day.

What is a first look and should we have one?

First looks are becoming more and more popular. The couple will set up a time before the ceremony to see each other in private. I will set one of you up in a beautiful location and the other will come down to meet them. It can be a really beautiful and sweet moment. It also gives us the chance to take photos before the ceremony so you can be with your guests during the cocktail hour.

Whether or not to have one is totally up to you. Lots of factors will influence your decision. If you need help deciding what will work for you I am happy to help.

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive your photos in an online gallery. The images will be sorted into collections of different parts of your day. You will be able to easily scroll through the photos and download them. You can also share the link with whoever you choose. The best part is the ability to order prints and products directly through the gallery to have shipped to you. It is the best way to preserve your cherished moments.

How do you protect the images?

I shoot with two Nikon D750s which have dual memory card slots. Each image I take is duplicated on to an additional memory card so if one were to corrupt the other would be fine. I back up your images to two hard drives as well as a cloud storage system.

Can I have the RAW files from the wedding?

The short answer is no. The medium answer is trust me you don’t want then. Here is the slightly longer answer. Many photographers choose to shoot in the RAW format. This allows the camera to preserve as many details in the images for editing later. Similar to a film negative. This means that the files are only able to be opened in editing software. They also are meant to be edited and have a sort of lacklustre colour. They are not the finished product and I want you to have the beautiful finished product. The only images I don’t give you are lighting tests, blinks, poses that didn’t work out or duplicates.

Do I need a second shooter?

Not necessarily. A second shooter does bring a second angle and a second creative spirit to your wedding. If you would like photos of the guys getting ready having a second shooter may be necessary as I can not be in two places at once. Beyond that a second shooter gives a different perspective of the day and will result in more photos. You certainly don’t need one though and I have shot many weddings solo.

Do I really need an engagement session?

I highly recommend engagement sessions. That is why they are included in all the collections. It gives us a chance to connect before the wedding and gets you used to the camera and what to expect. Engagement photos are a great way to have precious photos that are a reminder of who you really are at this moment.

How do I craft a timeline?

Part of my job is to ensure there is enough time in your day to capture all the moments you desire. Once you book with Arynn Photography you will receive a welcome magazine in the mail that is filled with more helpful information for you to have the best experience possible. Together we will run through your timeline in the last few months and make sure it is perfect.

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