Courtney and Kevin: Credit Valley Golf Club Wedding

Don't you just love it when everything comes together? A wedding bursting at the seems with love, adorable hand made details and dripping in golden sunlight. Courtney and Kevin were married on a beautiful sunny day at Credit Valley Golf Club in Mississauga. 

I just loved everything about this wedding. Check out those terrarium centre pieces. So unique and creative. Plus the minion cake decorations are so much fun. It was so amazing to see Courtney and Kevin interact with each other and their families. That is my favourite part about all weddings. Watching the families experience this happy day together. 

Shot with Deanne Mcrae

Xerxes and Mel: Bloomfield Gardens Wedding

You know what the best thing about photographing weddings is. I mean there are so many things, but I think my favourite is seeing all the lovely couples who are head over heels in love. Xerxes and Mel were the sweetest pair that you could really tell were meant to be together. They made each other laugh and moved together with a sense of ease and comfort. 

Their wedding at Bloomfield gardens was just as dreamy as the two of them! Because seriously, Bloomfield is a dream. Flowers everywhere that you could smell the minute you arrived. Plus, take a good look at Mel's dress! It was so amazing and it suited her perfectly. Xerxes could hardly keep his eyes off of her. Their sweet little pup was excited to. 

Shot with Kristen Recalis Photography

Arynn Travels: South Korea

I am finally getting around to blogging some pictures from our trip to South Korea. It's only been 8 months since we were there. September in South Korea was hot. Super hot. Weirdly hotter than it ever is here. I'm talking 30 degrees with 100 percent humidity. As sweaty as it was South Korea is one of the most beautiful places. Not only did I get to photograph a beautiful engagement and wedding which you can see here and here, but I got to gorge on Korean BBQ which is one of the greatest foods ever. If anyone knows of a great Korean BBQ joint in the GTA hit me up because I need to know. 

Haylei and Jordan: Skyloft Wedding

Haylei and Jordan are on the blog today with their incredibly beautiful and detail packed wedding at Skyloft in Uxbridge. Skyloft is so beautiful in the summer, if you've ever been there in the winter you'd love it in the summer as well. The views are spectacular. What a great place to commit your lives to each other. 

Haylei and Jordan are high school sweethearts and said I Do to forever in front of so many lovely friends and family, as well as their sweet puppy. Haylei did so many of the unique details and made sure everything represented the two of them. The groom's ring was made by himself. Its a sanded down nut!

It was a truly beautiful day bathed in gorgeous summer light. Shot with Kristen Recalis Photography. 

What if it Rains?

Rain is dreaded on wedding days. But to be honest I have a dreamy crush on rain. There is something magical and romantic about it. After all, kissing in the rain is one of the most iconic romance movie tropes of all time! Plus as they say, rain is exceptionally good luck. 

Rain brings storm clouds which add unbelievable dimension to your images. The light can sometimes take your breath away as the sun comes and goes. Rain during the day often leads to 'blow your freaking mind' sunsets. The kind that look like they've been painted there. 

There is no need to fear rain on your wedding day. It makes for stunning photos. With just a little preparation, forethought and trust there is no reason for you to not take full advantage of every good thing rain has to offer. 

1. The most important thing is to prepare yourself. If it seems that it is going to rain that day deck your bridal party out! Get cute umbrellas that match your wedding colours. Have rain boots ready for yourselves. How fun would it be to dance in puddles with your love? I always have with me two clear umbrellas standing by. 

2. Your timeline is always exceptionally important but even more so when it rains. Make sure that there is a lot of buffer time. Rain can slow things down and time for touch ups is always appreciated. No one likes to feel rushed. Get your wedding planner to help you with this and I am always ready to help you make sure there is time for what you want and time to embrace the rain rather than run from it. 

3. Backup locations are something to think about. I am willing to run through the rain if you are but sometimes it is not always possible to shoot for long amounts of time in torrential down pours. Have an awesome indoor location in your back pocket just in case. I'd love to brainstorm options with you. 

4. Roll with the punches. You can't always plan for every bit of your wedding day. When it comes to rain sometimes you just have to kick off your shoes and run through puddles. You only live once after all. Pick up the dress and kick up some water. Dresses dry (actually pretty quickly) and memories are forever. You will remember your wedding day through amazing and fun images that really truly capture the lightheartedness you both brought to such a love filled (even rainy) day. 

Arynn Photography Toronto Wedding Photographer, Couple standing in the rain and kissing under and umbrella at Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn in Caledon
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